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W and I watched Elvira: Mistress of the Dark on Netflix the other night after learning it was one of RuPaul's top five favorite movies. On Facebook I simply reviewed it: "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: good movie or best movie?" but I'm going to talk about it a little more because it leads me to a generalized theory of Movies Teen Me Would Have Loved.

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I finally saw Les Miserables. Considering how obsessively I listened the International Recording in the days of my youth (approx. daily from the ages of 12 to 16, inclusive), how I went to Portland, OR to catch the touring company (not precisely true, but we did plan the timing of that trip to coincide), and how I loved it so much at age 7 that I drew the cast as horses, and how much I talked about the movie from the first time I saw the preview before Rock of Ages, you'd think I would not have waited a month to see the movie, but the other thing to know about me is that I lose track of time easily.

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First off, I was delighted by the array of geeky guest stars in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Draco Malfoy and Rodney McKay both have smallish but pivotal roles.

Fun fact: John Lithgow's distress always genuinely upsets me--including, but not limited to, Harry and the Hendersons and the time he was lost in 30 Rock--so watching him play an Alzheimer's patient was hard.

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Thoughts on watching the Glee Rocky Horror episode "Time Warp" preview:

- It's too bad this episode had to fall during Puck's absence; Eddie is clearly the role he was born to play.

- Looks like Artie will be playing both the Criminologist and Dr. Scott. I wonder if Dr. Scott being one of the few musical characters in wheelchairs factored into the decision to do the episode? I like Artie's vaguely British criminologist accent.

- A little sad that Brad gets to do half of Riff Raff's lines, but he sings them well and it gives Finn something to do.

- I like Mercedes as Frank. Okay, we haven't seen her do anything really in this clip, but I like the idea of Mercedes as Frank.

- What is Rocky doing there? He hasn't been born yet.

- Columbia and Magenta are not exactly demanding roles, so it's sad they had to be doubled up, but I guess they had to squeeze in the whole Glee Club somehow. Kind of wish they'd just had Tina and Quinn do something else, though: from the clip, it looks like Tina and Quinn are kind of doing the worst jobs, and we'll just end up mad at them for taking time from Britney and Santana.

- Award for Most Dead On Impersonation goes to Kurt as Riff Raff followed by Britney as Columbia 1. They are clearly fans. Award for Most Not Even Doing The Same Tune goes to Quinn as Magenta 2. Oddly, Award for Most Insane Levels of Auto Tune also goes to Quinn as Magenta 2. Why not just auto tune her so she was singing the right tune?

- Is this even supposed to be an impersonation show? From the costumes and the set pieces, it looks like that is what we are going for--not a "reimagining" or something--and considering the ritualized way that college kids and recent grads who haven't moved away from campus across America put on the show every Friday night, I guess that's probably the right choice. Still:

- I can't imagine how this episode is going to work. Still:

- I am pretty excited for this episode.
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Last night I went to Rocky Horror for the first time in years. It hasn't changed! I didn't remember most of the call-outs, but a lot of them were familiar once I'd heard them.

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NB on the above: when I remembered, I did even the call outs I intellectually acknowledge to be stupid. That's what Rocky Horror is all about.
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The Kids Are All Right: The performances were all great (it turns out Julianne Moore seems like a real person when not tied down by the anchor of a comic Boston accent), but the plot was both boring and cringeworthy (every conversation made me SO NERVOUS.) The character sketches felt fairly realistic for the most part, and there were a few funny moments (notably Julianne Moore's cheery, "I shall return!"), but overall I wish I could have watched it from beneath a blanket. C-

Inception: The lucid dreaming plot is an oldie but a goodie, and the movie does a good job of setting out the rules such that you're pleasantly confused at first but know them well enough by the endgame that they can be twisted. It's not perfect--there were a few rules and consequences that I felt could have been introduced sooner--but they mostly did a good job of juggling the ideas so that they felt natural (often relying on mechanics which the audience would find natural from their own experience of dreaming, ie. you start falling and wake up). A combination of stilted dialogue and fresh-faced actors that I mostly know from juvenile roles left the odd impression of watching an undergrad play--like, "These people are doing a good job pretending to be grown-ups!" Some of the incidental character stuff about the non-central teammates was the best, such as the random affectionate animosity between Arthur and Eames. My Cillian was beautiful as always. B+

Previews: Both movies featured the same preview for It's Kind Of A Funny Story, of the mental institution teen indie-comic-inspirational-growing-up-story genre, which feels like such a complete encapsulated version of the movie--kid stutters that he has problems! Zach Galifianakis makes quips! various other inmates have comic tics! kid awkwardly stutters next to hard-as-nails teen girl inmate with dyed hair! Zack Galifianakis looks at a picture of his daughter as kid voiceovers that she needs him! kid runs through ward holding hands with dyed hair girl!--that I don't think I need to see it.

Each movie had a preview for a different movie depicting the "behind the scenes" story of a website (Middlemen and The Social Network). Something about seeing actors deliver lines about e-commerce and friending makes me sure I'm watching a joke preview.

If I had to see one of the movies previewed: Probably The Town, in which Ben Affleck will be taking up the mantle of Julianne Moore's fake accent as a bank robber from Charlestown.
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paul: "A werewolf falling in love with a baby. This is why Thomas Edison invented this shit in the first place. So we could see a werewolf fall in love with a baby."
me: hahaa. they're so right
     have they really not announced Breaking Dawn? *looks it up*
     holy shit
     they are releasing it as two movies????????
paul: are they??
     thats what people do now huh
me: oh man
     part one is going to be SUCH A GOOD MOVIE
     because they can't gloss over all the insane events!
paul: haha
me: I hope part one ends on the hilarious jacob loves the baby reveal
     like "will you marry me"
     jacob loves the baby! BLACKOUT.
paul: they will slightly try to tone down the creepiness
     like make a little joke
     "sso what, i love the baby!"
     "everybody loves babies!"
     but it will still be creepy
     there is nothing they can do
     ... they might film it in 3-d
     guys, guys... it's mostly sex and childbirth scenes
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The Karate Kid reboot was very enjoyable! Jaden Smith is ridiculously tiny and adorable and has good Karate Kid attitude, although nobody will ever replace Daniel-san in my heart.

(I don't just mean as Karate Kid, I mean in general.)
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I enjoyed Bella Swan's portrayal of Shane McCutcheon. I only wish the movie had come out before Stephenie Meyer finished the Twilight books so she could be inspired to put in a scene where Bella and Jane (POSSIBLE ECLIPSE MOVIE SPOILER) get high and have sex in roller skates.

Speaking of which, there was of course a Twilight trailer before the movie; I don't really remember what happened in the third book, but it all seems plausible: the standard fog-over-pine-trees, Edward looking constipated, Bella looking defiantly fretful, Edward and Bella embracing, Jacob complaining, Jane saying something menacing, Charlie giving Bella a hug, people running around in the forest. "Eclipse," flashed the title card. "OH!" said someone behind me, genuinely surprised. "I THOUGHT THAT WAS NEW MOON!" Burn, Franchise!


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