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Sure, my book was technically released in print two months ago, but I didn't know you could do a giveaway on Goodreads until now! Enter to win a free copy.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Don't Ask by Laura Hughes

Don't Ask

by Laura Hughes

Giveaway ends August 01, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win
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Forget the previous entry about DVDs. Clear it from your mind.

Instead, here is a post about books! These are DIFFERENT books from the books listed previously. These are ones I've held onto for a reason, even if that reason is not that I ever, ever read them. Many are SORTA HARD TO FIND! Others make great LEND-OUTS! Comment or email me if you want any of these.

THE CUCKOO'S EGG: Once our most prized thrift store find, this charmingly 1970s account of catching a hacker on the u.c. berkeley arpanet is now on kindle!

FRENCH DICTIONARY/FRENCH GRAMMAR BOOK: It's amazing how long I've kept this considering I never read or speak French and Google translate exists. The grammar book is sorta nice to have anyway, lists verb conjugations and grammar rules.

GOOD OMENS: Ditto, it's on kindle but I kept it to lend out. Anyone need a paperback? (Also, I think this was originally Paul's!)

HARRIET THE SPY: Is on kindle. Anyone want a super old paperback??

HOW TO WRITE SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY by Orson Scott Card: Huge inspiration to me when I was younger, and includes some great general writing advice mixed in, but I just never write science fiction and fantasy.

IS HEATHCLIFF A MURDERER? by John Sutherland - Puzzles in classic literature, i.e. essays about lingering questions in books by Jane Austen, George Eliot, Trollope and more. Really good but I've only read a fraction of the books it's about. Hard to find.

LUCK IN THE SHADOWS: This is the only pulp fantasy book I like on account of the gay elves, but it's on kindle so I'll almost certainly reread it there if I ever want to. I kept the physical copy for lending out, but I think I've lent it to everyone now. Please message if you would like to borrow it--forever!

JANE EYRE illustrated by DAME DARCY: The illustrations are cool, but I am certain to reread this on kindle, I know because I have already done so!

MAURICE by E.M. Forster: Fun explicitly gay romance written in 1910s, not on Kindle, but I probably won't read it again unless and until it is.

THE MOST OF S.J. PERELMAN: I never read this anymore but it was a great inspiration when I was writing Lance and Eskimo articles. It's also impossible to find.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: For some reason I thought it was important to keep a physical copy of this, but I have it on kindle.

THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION: Ditto on hard to find, sort of a published Sherlock Holmes and Freud fan fiction thing, fun but I probably won't read it again.

STELLA DALLAS: 90s trade paperback. I probably won't read this again, but it's sorta hard to find.

THREE MUSKETEERS: There are versions of this on Gutenberg etc, but the Modern Library hardback has a better translation, I think. I probably won't re-read it (I don't re-read books nearly as much as I think I do), so you're welcome to it!
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I'm expanding my DVDs on offer because I really only watch Netflix now. You may say it's foolish to rely on an Internet service, but it seems silly to keep around DVDs when I PREFERENTIALLY watch them on Netflix.

The list is now )

Claim any you like! I also have various geeky action figures on offer! State your fandom!
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If you want anything in this list, leave a comment to claim it! PM or email me (laura at laurahughes) your mailing address. I will mail your item(s). I'll pay for shipping. All I ask in return is that you donate a small amount - say $5 per item - to one of my charities:

Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders)
Organization for Transformative Works

Feel free to claim as many items as you want, and feel free to send your friends this link! Act soon, because I will start donating things to Goodwill around the end of February.

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Books )

Action Figures )


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